Co-grant alongside the Optimism Grants Council
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Introducing co-grants, a new way to contribute to the Optimism Grants Council.
With co-grants, you can support the work being done by the Optimism Grants Council and build an on-chain record of your contribution. The deadline to co-grant was June 28th.
How co-grants work
Enter the amount you'd like to co-grant and submit your contribution. Your co-grant proceeds will flow directly to the matching contract. In v1, matching contract distributions will be executed according to the decisions of the Grants Council.
As the Grants Council makes grants, your co-grant will be similarly distributed until Season 4 ends on September 20th (tentative.) Co-granting donations will close on June 28th but will be distributed to grants in Cycles #13, #14, and #15.
You’ll receive a co-grantor NFT and an Optimism Attestation to signify your support of the Collective as an Optimism Grants Council co-grantor.